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Patricia has, just in June, released a NEW NOVEL and its SEQUEL! They're in Ebook form only, and each is shorter than any of her others, but together the word count is about equal with her longest novels! Both available NOW, from Smashwords, or your favorite major Ebook retailers.


Niideni: My Life in the Year 2381 is priced at $.99, or FREE through 31 July, with this coupon code:  AT73F


Niideni: My Life in Abundance Village (the sequel) is priced at $2.99, or FREE through 31 July, with this coupon code: VB33R

Think the cover art looks post-apocalyptic? Bingo! This pair of post-apocalyptic romance novels are mostly all Patricia's head-space has allowed her to work on, since the Grump's inauguration, January 2017. No need to wonder why. But wait - this double-novel tale is more optimistic than you'd imagine. They're free, they're each short - why not at least give the first one a try?

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A novella-length Adventure for Young People of All Ages; companion spinoff to Valedictoria Scott's Curious Adventures

Over 70 easy, delicious comfort-type recipes, using easy-to-find, popular ingredients

and basic preparation techniques

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