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Patricia is an eclectic woman; so - not surprisingly - she has had an eclectic life. Because of her love of books, she started spontaneously reading at the age of four. Because of already reading far ahead of her grade, she was skipped from first to third grade, which was a mistake, since from that point on, she was always a year behind her classmates physically and emotionally, which made her a perfect target for bullying. She was born on the East Coast, lived in NJ, NY, MA and MD, and was brought to California just months before she turned thirteen and entered high school. She spent all four years of high school in a weird little private school called 3R School. There were thirteen people in her graduating class. By the time  she got the diploma, it felt like she'd had enough of the educational world.

Of course, Patricia never stopped being a learner. She loved horseback riding (mainly Western) in her teens. She studied Scottish Dance (country & ladies' solo) intensively, even training to become a teacher. At different times she's also dabbled in English dance, "international folk dance", ballet, Irish dance, Flamenco dance, ballroom dance, Hawaiian hula, belly dance & yoga. She took a typing course in order to get office work. For several years, she took acting classes at a small San Francisco theatre company, as well as private voice lessons. She studied Hawaiian language for 2 years, and has fooled around with French on & off, ever since asking her parents for Berlitz language records at about age 7. Art classes have included life drawing, design & composition, watercolor, sumi-e, and porcelain handbuilding. While in Hollywood, she went to screenplay writing workshops. With every one of the 8 dogs she's had in her married life (and several long-term fosters), she has worked with professional dog trainers to learn more about training and behavior. She's also a 2nd Degree Reiki Initiate, and attended a course to become a Flower Remedy Practitioner.


But after escaping high school at age 16, it took another 27 years for Patricia to get around to going to college.  She started out just wanting some cheap art classes at the local community college, and 4 years later graduated with honors in cultural anthropology from UC Berkeley. Without aiming for it, she got elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Other stranger academic efforts in that period included taking extensive classes in Wicca and ritual with the Reclaiming Community (participant-observation for the honors thesis), making a 20 minute documentary film (back at UC Anthro), taking some "creative nonfiction writing" classes at UC Extension, getting a certificate in museum studies at CSU Chico (was supposed to be an MA, but oh well), and getting an MS in metaphysics from an online outfit called American Institute of Holistic Theology. After all that, she felt she really had had enough of learning and education, and started to put what she'd learned to use in doing things that really mattered to her.


Patricia loves animals, and is vegan because of that love. She has been a performer with a Scottish dance troupe, a hippie, a statistical typist, a taxi dancer, a waitress, a bookkeeper, an executive secretary, soprano in a Catholic church choir, a veterinary assistant, an improv actor with the Living History Centre, a substitute teacher, a theatre director and costumer, a personal assistant to an assortment of Hollywood has-beens and wannabes, an ESL tutor, a screenplay typist/doctor and script-writer-for-hire, a cookbook author, a museum intern, a proofreader, TA for a college-level critical thinking course, an office flunky at UC Berkeley,  a Bach Flower Remedy practitioner, an opera supernumerary, and an animal portrait artist. All prior to becoming a novelist in 2009.


Patricia's been married only once, to the same man for a really long time. They met at the Renaissance Faire, when they were both actors, and got married at the Dickens Fair, when they were still both actors. They went on a 9 week honeymoon to France, Monaco, Switzerland, England and Scotland. After giving acting a fair try and realizing he didn't actually like it that much, he taught English as a Second Language from 1991 to 2019. After retiring from ESL, he has a new career, selling used, old & rare books - many Y-A & children's - through the ABE Books online site (check out Quailcottage Books, if you're curious). He's vegan, too. They decided to have dogs instead of human children. To date, starting at age five, Patricia has had a total of thirteen dogs in her life (including two hospice-fosters). At various times early in life, she has also  loved and cared for two turtles, a hamster, two horses, a cracked garden snail, and a cat shared with her mother.


  • dogs

  • most animals besides dogs

  • especially capybaras

  • the natural world

  • ahimsa

  • Kuan Yin

  • dancing

  • folk and filk singing

  • satire

  • mysteries

  • being left-handed

  • being a Virgo

  • being from Neptune (NJ)

  • Veganism

  • Jane Austen

  • Ursula K. LeGuin

  • Terry Pratchett

  • Charles Dickens

  • Jasper Fforde

  • Malcolm Pryce

  • Robert Burns

  • Sir Walter Scott

  • Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

  • Anna Netrebko

  • 2Cellos

  • Baroque music

  • La Traviata (Verdi)

  • The Tannahill Weavers

  • Celtic music & Celtic rock

  • Mediaeval rock

  • Lauren Mayer Comedy Songs (YT)

  • Rocky Mountain Mike (YT)

  • Bruce W. Nelson (YT)

  • Playing For Change (nonprofit)

  • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (nonprofit)

  • dark chocolate

  • Earl Grey tea

  • British Isles comedians

  • foreign TV series

  • skilful writing

  • good acting


  • pharmaceuticals with more nasty side effects than helpful benefits

  • the alt-right & fascism in general

  • hypocritical "Lefties" who pay a lot of lip service to worries about the environment but are damn well never going to give up eating their animal products

  • cigarette smoke

  • car exhaust

  • drunks

  • misogynists

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder

  • sociopaths & psychopaths

  • control freaks

  • rude people

  • internet trolls & other bullies

  • abusive people of all kinds

  • hunters & other sadists

  • spiders

  • zoos & rodeos

  • fundamentalisms

  • totalitarianism & dictatorships

  • pretentiousness

  • people who can't be bothered to

  •      educate their dogs

  • people who can't be bothered to

  •      educate themselves

  • people who can't be bothered to

  •     educate their children

  • people who think they're educated enough to be "critics"

  • rap music

  • modern jazz

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