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Carterhaugh Books

Carterhaugh Books is the imprint that currently publishes all Patricia's books that are in print.

Click here for details on all the books: number of pages, ISBNs, pricing, extended story descriptions, links to booksellers, and PayPal links, to order autographed copies directly from Carterhaugh Books.

Peculiar Wit & Occasional Wisdom cover art
Mercurial Talescove art

Mercurial Tales: fiction on the Para side of Normal

Would a girl vampire have boy problems in college? Which country has the most romantic werewolves? Is that a flying saucer? These quirky takes on a variety of genre themes range from tongue-in-cheek to chilling, in 10 short stories, 2 novelettes, and a novella.

Peculiar Wit &

Occasional Wisdom

A Contemporary Coyote StoryPatricia A. Leslie

A truly peculiar collection of whimsy, including shaggy-dog stories, new breeds of dogs, tongue twisters & car games, Broadway musicals not yet produced, personally-collected bloopers, and lots lots more!

EnlightenmentPatricia A. Leslie
A Very Pagan
Holiday Songbook

Alternative lyrics inspired by Patricia's own devout, Earth-based spirituality,  set to well-known carols, folk and popular tunes.

Very Pagan Holiday Songbook cover art

Patricia's collection of whimsical parody lyrics to familiar holiday, folk and show tunes.

Not Much Is Sacred Songbook cover art
The Not Much is
Sacred Songbook
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