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from here back to 5 Jan/2019, political focus + blog

(next) 1st April: Surprise! New Direction

20th March: Spring Equinox Spirituality

6th March: International Women's Day

19th February: Presidentialishness

4th February: Love - There's Never Too Much

21st Jan: MLK Jr Day: Suspicious Philosophies

5 January 2019: Epiphanies of All Kinds

From here down, seasonal occasions focus

22 December: P&K's Dickensian 40th Anniversary

6 December: Chanukah Now, Solstice, Soon

23 November: Scottish Stuff

7 November: Thanksgiving Coming

24/25 October: Samhain & Midterm Elections

8 October: Indigenous People's Day

24 September: Harvest | Food | Libra, the Scales

9 Sept: Autumnal Observations

26 August: PAL's Birthday | Cranky Crone = Truth

11 August: Science Fiction & Fantasy

26 July: All Humor

11 July: Bastille Day | All France

27 June: Independence Day

13 June: Midsummer Solstice

28 May: Memorial Day

15 May: [PAL's Husband] Karl's Birthday Favorites

1 May: International Worker's Day | May Day

14 April: Income Tax Day

30 March: Cesar Chavez | Passover | Easter | April Fool

17 March: St. Patrick | All Ireland

2 March: "Coming in Like a Lion"

14 February: Valentine's Day

31 January: Blue Moon | Brighid | Candlemas

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